Reseller Program

Protect your clients and build new markets with the world's only RFID fuzzing device

The NFCKill enables secure card destruction and RFID auditing capabilities. It is used across many industries:

As the world's only device that can provide RFID Secure Destruction compliant to the European GDPR and US Privacy Laws, the NFCKill is used by hundreds of companies worldwide as part of their Data Destruction policies.

Reselling the NFCKill provides an unprecedented opportunity to sell a high quality, high margin product to literally hundreds of thousands of customers across dozens of industries.

The NFCKill team provides comprehensive logistical and after-sales support.

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The NFCKill Reseller Pricing is as described below. For each product version, there are three discount tiers, based on order quantity.

Standard Edition MOQ Price Discount
Tier 1 10 143 USD 20%
Tier 2 50 125 USD 30%
Tier 3 100 107 USD 40%
Professional Edition MOQ Price Discount
Tier 1 10 199 USD 20%
Tier 2 50 174 USD 30%
Tier 3 100 149 USD 40%

The NFCKill is a high-quality, high-margin device. In order to maintain fair earnings for all resellers, the following Recommended Retail Price is applied:

Product Minimum RRP
Standard Edition 175 USD
Professional Edition 250 USD

Logistics takes care of all packaging, preparation and delivery.


After-sales support is part of the reseller package. All products are covered by the following warranties:

Reseller support can be reached at:

Terms and conditions

Please familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of the Reseller Program. Our terms are straight-forward and fair.

Any Resellers found in breach of the following terms will be permanently removed as a Reseller.

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