Meet NFC Kill

The world's only RFID destruction tool.

Securely disable RFID badges. Test RFID hardware, audit access control failure modes - and more much.

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Disable Cards Swiftly & Securely

The only tool providing 100% destruction of private data.

Audit Hardware Failure Modes

Ensure claimed failure modes of door locks work in reality.

Test and improve RFID hardware

Test & harden your product against induction attacks.

Fuzz RFID access control systems

Glitch, disable and bypass access control systems.

Portable, Rugged and Safe

Single and continuous discharge modes, internal battery, unbreakable case and USB recharging; equally suitable for desk or in-the-field use.

Notable Clients

RFID Data Leaks: Get Compliant

US, Canada, European and Australasian companies are subject to strict privacy and data destruction laws. Any company using RFID technology are legally for personally identifiable data on cards, and must securely destroy data on retired or old RFID cards.

NFC Kill Use Cases

Secure card destruction

The NFC Kill is the only tool available to securely and permanently disable RFID cards. Cutting and even shredding cards are ineffective: the antenna is broken, but the RFID chip remains intact, and data can be extracted. Clients in high-security environments (Law Enforcement, Government, Corporate and Industrial) use NFC Kill as part of their Data Destruction Policy.

Fire & Safety Compliance Audits

RFID Access Control is almost ubiquitous in public environments - offices, public transport, shopping centres, residential buildings. Most Fire & Safety codes mandate free egress in the case of system failure - but provoking failure states has been impossible to test. NFC Kill can be used to disable RFID Access Control Systems, to audit failure states.

Penetration Testing

For pen-testers, the NFC Kill is used to disable or glitch RFID Access Control systems. Used to disable cards, it can force credentials to be reissued. Used to disable readers, it can be used to bypass access control barriers.

Standard & Professional Versions

Professional Edition

The Professional Version, intended for law-enforcement, penetration testers, or high-volume commercial clients allows for hands-free, continuous discharging.

Standard Edition

The Standard Version meets the same quality standards as the Professional Edition, but only supports Single Discharge mode - each discharge is manually triggered by the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NFC Kill?

The NFCKill is the world's only RFID physical fuzzing device. It rapidly delivers high-voltage spikes wirelessly to target RFID devices. It works against all RFID tags and devices, and most devices equipped with induction loops or coils (wireless chargers, etc).

What does it do?

The NFCKill used for secure destruction of RFID tags, penetration testing, lock failure mode testing, and general RFID hardening. When discharged against a card, the cards are immediately and permanently disabled. RFID Readers (Entry systems, payment systems, etc) are often disabled, or glitched into a non-standard state.

Which RFID types does it work against?

The NFCKill is tuned to the most common RFID frequencies: 125KHz - 13.56MHz, but also works against some UHF RFID and most devices with coils that can have current induced. For detailed information, please see the product page here.

How do you use it?

A short-press on the power button shows the battery level; a long-press powers on / off the device. The operator can select an operation mode: Single Discharge or Continuous Discharge. The discharge area is directly under the product logo.
For more information, please visit the product page.

Tested & Trusted

Trusted by pentesters, LEAs and Industries worldwide.

European Quality

Hand-tested, hand-packed. The NFCKill is built to last.

Rapid Shipping

Rapid international shipping, with door-to-door tracking.

Industry Discounts

Discounts available to Police, Government and Industry.


Used and trusted by our law enforcement clients for trusted destruction of RFID cards.

– AT Security, InfoSec Provider

The only way to prevent snooping of your RFID credit cards and passport.

– K. Støre

The go-to gadget in my toolkit for RFID Access Control bypass.

– D. Gram, Redteam Lead

We use the NFCKill to audit any RFID lock hardware before installation in all publicly tendered projects.

– J. Willoch, Fire Safety Auditor

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The world's only physical RFID testing device.

Protect your data, your customers and your clients.

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