NFCKill: UHF Edition

The NFCKill is optimised for LF (125KHz) and HF (13.56MHz) tags, with limited coverage of UHF (800 - 900MHz) tags.

UHF Tags are very commonly embedded in consumer products. Because of UHF tags' longer read-range, tags are often used during manufacturing for logistics and quality control. However, UHF tags are often used for other less ethical reasons:

  • Brand Control: Large brands often embed UHF tags in clothing / shoes / apparel allow brands to track individual items and force distribution to their approved channels only.

    While there are legitimate uses, specifically to prevent counterfeits or retail theft, many brands use RFID / UHF as a form of brand control.

    Companies specialised in clothing resale or modification (ie customised sneakers) are often subject to legal threats via the brand, who track down makers via the RFID tags embedded in the items - even though their work is protected via the first-sale doctrines.
  • Consumer Tracking: Because UHF tags have a unique signature and cannot be easily removed from clothing / shoes / etc, they are used to track / spy on customers.

    This can be in the form of data collection in retail environments (following consumer behaviour in shopping malls, tracking a customer's path, habits, etc)

Beyond standard reasons of tag management, there are many reasons that being able to disable UHF RFID Tags is important: Privacy & security.

UHF tag destruction is difficult for multiple reasons:

  • Antenna shapes make induction more difficult (UHF tags typically have "Wing" style antennas, vs the more easily induced "Spiral" antennas in HF tags)
  • Antenna configuration makes high-current induction difficult
  • Tag orientation is more important - tags have to be in the induction plane, but are often embedded within products (clothes, shoes, devices, etc) in an unknown configuration.

In July 2021, NFCKill completed an device specifically for UHF tags.

The device is a highly specialised device, built specifically for industrial application. It has been proven specifically effective for key clients:

  • Destruction of UHF tags embedded in shoes
  • Destruction of UHF tags embedded in clothes
  • Destruction of UHF tags embedded in industrial products
  • Disabling RFID tags where the supplier does not provide the tag password
  • Disabling anti-theft RFID tags that were not disabled by the retailer
  • Disabling UHF tracking tags embedded to control brand and limit item resale.

NFCKill UHF Specifications

  • Dimensions: 245 x 85 x 80 mm
  • Antenna Size: 160 x 150mm
  • Weight: 2.5KG
  • Voltage: 10 - 14VDC
  • Current: 6A (Max)
  • Instantaneous Power: 15kW
  • Operating Range: 5cm
  • Pulse Frequency: 5Hz
  • Device Operating  Lifecycle: > 1,000,000 cycles

The NFCKill UHF is custom-built to order, and available for 1,499 EUR.

Please contact support for more information.

UHF RFID Killer - Disable shoe RFID