NFCKill: UHF Edition

The NFCKill is optimised for LF (125KHz) and HF (13.56MHz) tags, with limited coverage of UHF (800 - 900MHz) tags.

UHF Tags are very commonly embedded in consumer products. Because of UHF tags' longer read-range, tags are often used during manufacturing for logistics and quality control. However, UHF tags are often used for other less ethical reasons:

Beyond standard reasons of tag management, there are many reasons that being able to disable UHF RFID Tags is important: Privacy & security.

UHF tag destruction is difficult for multiple reasons:

In July 2021, NFCKill completed an device specifically for UHF tags.

The device is a highly specialised device, built specifically for industrial application. It has been proven specifically effective for key clients:

NFCKill UHF Specifications

The NFCKill UHF is custom-built to order, and available for 1,499 EUR.

Please contact support for more information.

UHF RFID Killer - Disable shoe RFID