NFC Kill Launched

NFC Kill Launched

After 18 months of extensive research, development and testing, the NFC Kill is ready for public launch.

Tested by law-enforcement and industrial clients over a period of 6 months, the device was hardened, polished and refined into the final product now publicly available.

Tester feedback resulted in the following refinements and improvements:

  • Creation of the Professional Version, allowing for continuous discharge (at a rate of two pulses per second).
  • High-volume Li-ion battery for extended time between recharges
  • Visual battery indicator
  • Incredibly tough ABS case

The NFC Kill empowers penetration testers, law enforcement, hardware manufacturers, corporations and privacy-conscious individuals the ability to control the leak of private data via RFID.

The NFC Kill is available for purchase now.

Government, law-enforcement and industrial clients can reach out to for more information on collaboration.


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